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3 weeks ago, my 25-Year-old Toro two-stage gas snow thrower engine seized on me. A friend gave me an old two-stage Yard Machines that he was no longer using, and it worked one time, then it gave up the ghost. My driveway is about 75FT and we get copious amounts of snow up here at 7500FT elevation. I vowed in 1997 to never hand shovel my driveway again after we got 4-5FT of snow in a single storm.

So, today, I bought a new EV:
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This little machine is awesome! Really quiet, enough juice to do the whole driveway with lights on and full power (which is basically overkill as it throws snow ~50 feet on full power). I cleared 4” of snow this evening in about half the time it took with my old machines, and with a lot less effort because this thing is really light (140lbs).

It comes with two 7.5Ah batteries, and they are interchangeable with my lawn mower battery (7.5Ah), and my chain saw battery (5Ah).

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Looks like a beast! Now I just need a driveway worthy of it. I recently got a Ryobi electric lawn mower and like how the batteries are interchangeable with the drills, air compressor etc. Still just a shovel for snow though.
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