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Purpose, Use, and Potential for this Section

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The Regional Forums are broken out into several sections geographically. Use these to post events, meetups, or discussions of interest to EV owners in your area. To reach a wider audience such as statewide, use the general forum sections, but link to threads created in the Regional Forum Sections to avoid posting the same content multiple times.

Each Region can have additional forum sections added, such as for individual Clubs or organizations. These will generally be visible to all visitors and registered users on the site, there are no posting restrictions on these sections. If you would like to see additional sub sections, please reach out to me (Arob) or any other community staff, using the Message (Private Message) option. Community Staff (Administrators and Moderators) are listed in the right side of most forum pages.

Additionally, for those who would like to have a semi-private "Invitation Only" section, it is possible to create forum sections that are not visible to other members or the general public. For those invited to join these sections, a URL will be required initially via a private message, and users can then "Follow" the section which will put a link to it in their Full Forum list under the My Followed Forums header. Furthermore, new posts in these Invitation Only sections will not appear in the list of "What's New" posts listed when the "New" button in the upper right is selected. These "hidden" Invitation Only sections may be moderated by organizers of these special interest groups, and being invited will generally occur offline via email or other established means of communication.
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