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The CSEVC had 10 cars make it to the top of Pikes Peak on Saturday, Oct. 30. It was stunning weather; you can see several states from the summit. We met some new club members and got a great group picture!

Driving statistics
The cars going up to the summit kept records of the energy consumed in both directions. It's exactly 19 miles up to the Summit from the park ranger station. While most cars had similar consumption statistics, some were standouts.

For most cars, EVs consumed 3x - 4x as much energy as normal (level road) to go up to 14,115 feet.

Most cars earned back about 2x as much energy on regeneration going down. Some observations that upset the statistical apple cart: Dennis Kuhlman's Chevy Bolt consumed 5.37x level-ground energy to get to the summit (the highest consumption rate of all), but his car gained back 5.26x the energy using regen, giving him a 38-mile round trip to 14,115 feet consuming only TWO MILES of energy. He left the guard shack going up with 206 miles of battery remaining and had 204 miles at the bottom. Yes, I double-checked his numbers.

Alex Stoen's Porsche Taycan was typical of the Teslas - it consumed 3x the level-ground energy to go up, got back 2x the range going down. Pami Sandhu's 2020 Tesla Model X was almost break-even - he consumed 40 miles of battery for a 38 mile trip to the summit. The identical results were in Mac McCauley's 2018 Model 3; 40 miles of range consumed to go 38 miles. Dan Rosenblatt's Plaid Model S was slightly behind that at 47 miles of range consumed for a 38-mile trip. Mark Vasary's 2014 Model S, based upon percentage, consumed 26% range going up, only 9% range going down, for a total of only 17% consumed for the trip.

Scott Carter's 2018 Tesla Model 3 took 3.05x energy to go up, gained back 1.57x going back down for a total of 28 miles of range consumed for a 38-mile trip, or about 11% of his battery's total range. Jack Lundberg in his Tesla Model X consumed 68 miles of battery going up (3.6x level rate), he gained 23 miles going back down, using 45 miles of range for a 38-mile roundtrip. Caz & Jay Oswald's 2018 Tesla Model 3 consumed 66 miles going up, gained 31 miles going down for a total of 35 miles consumed for a 38-mile round trip.

Photos in this Gallery.
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