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Phil Long EV Outlet Ribbon Cutting

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On 9/30/21, Phil Long EV Outlet had a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Several honorable guests spoke at the event.

The EV Outlet is Southern Colorado's first dedicated used EV dealership. They carry most EV brands, including Tesla! We got to spend some time with the GM Peter Buckles, Sales Manager Robert Strange, and Sales Consultant Dornel King among others on the EV Outlet staff.

The event was attended by several CDOT, city, and CS Utilities officials, and several CSEVC members. Also in attendance were leaders from Drive Electric Colorado (DE-CO), Bonnie Trowbridge (Executive Director) and Sonja Meintsma. Sonja is the Southern CO representative for DE-CO and a coach for the Colorado Recharge program where she guides grant seekers through the Charge Ahead Colorado grant process.

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Local government officials mentioned transportation plans that are nearing completion. We are all eager to learn what the plan will be, and how it will provide support for EV owners and charging infrastructure. Part of the plan is expected to include directions for municipal owned Colorado Springs Utilities who are eagerly awaiting a mandate for home EV Charger rebates and other initiatives to support local EV owners.

Phil Long dealerships have a long history in the Springs, and CEO Jay Cimino had a vision to launch a used EV dealership to reach the emerging EV buyers market with affordable used EVs. Jay is a very approachable man, I had a few minutes to chat with him and thanked him for his vision and expressed the local EV Club's excitement in being able to refer visitors from our club events to an affordable place to test drive and buy EVs.

Parking at the event was limited, with a fairly steep walk up to auxiliary parking lots on the hill above the EV Outlet. Former Broncos Linebacker Randy Gradishar drove a Tesla Model Y to shuttle attendees from the upper lots to the EV Outlet. While he struggled a bit with door locks and windows, he really seemed to enjoy the experience. And of course, people were thrilled to ride with a 7 time Pro Bowl Linebacker and (future?) Hall of Fame football player.

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Randy's manager, Phil Long Corporate Communications Director Gina Sacripanti organized this event, along with the CDOT Ride & Drive Event two days later. Gina shared with me that Randy is available for community events. So, maybe we will see Randy at some of the CSEVC local EV Events in the future?

The CSEVC was invited to attend this event as a community partner with Phil Long dealerships, a great honor to say the least!
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This is a great thing to see, more used outlets gives more people access to EVs. Many seem to be price sensitive and do not understand the total cost of ownership savings. I wish great success!
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