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On 10/2/21, CDOT sponsored a NDEW Ride & Drive Event at the Phil Long EV Outlet in Motor City (CO Springs).

Gina Sacripanti, Corporate Communications Director for Phil Long dealerships coordinated this event. The CSEVC was proud to be a sponsoring partner along with Exel, CO Springs Utilities (CSU), Drive Clean Colorado, iHeart Media, KXRM-Fox21, and a few others.

Throughout the day, numerous potential buyers dropped in, and there was a steady stream of test drives in and out of the lot. CSEVC member Dan Rosenblatt gave several visitors a ride in his 2021 Model S Plaid, lots of wide grins when they returned! And CSEVC member Eric Smith had his Sema Connect L2 EVSE display on hand along with his 2020 Nissan Leaf, lots of visitors dropped by to learn about charging.

Rumors suggest a number of sales were closed during the event, so a few new EV drivers on the COS streets.

There was extensive radio, TV, and print media promotion for the event, and coverage of the event including:
A couple of videos of news recaps:

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You are doing a great job getting local TV spots like that!

Only tiny quibble with the very last statement in the second video is it almost implies there are not chargers along I-70 and I-25 today.
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