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Mach-E vs. ID.4 Input

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Hello everyone, and happy New Year!

We recently received a question about a comparison between the Mustang Mach-E and VW ID.4. Do you own either of these vehicles (or know someone who does) and are willing to be connected with a prospective EV owner looking for more information about each vehicle? Please let me know (comment here or email [email protected]) and I'll make that connection. Thank you!
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I have test driven both, but don't own either.

Both are very capable EVs. My impressions are:
  • Both of these would be very comfortable to drive long distances.
  • ID.4 appears to have a better DC charging curve, and a SW update is pending that will improve this further. MME charging after 80% is very slow, but this might be improved with a SW update at some point.
  • ID.4 comes with 3 years of free Electrify America charging. If the intended use is a lot of long road trips, this could prove to be a great benefit.
  • ID.4 RWD feels a bit sluggish on acceleration, but with the AWD version, it appears more comparable to MME.
  • ID.4 feels a bit bulky for around town driving (I am accustomed to Chevy Bolt). MME feels sportier and a bit more nimble around town.
  • ID.4 has an amazingly tight turning radius, useful for getting in and out of tight spots. AWD version of ID.4 loses a bit of the tight turning radius.
  • MME turns heads, ID.4 looks more "mainstream".
  • MME has a large Frunk for additional storage, ID.4 has more conventional load capacity with rear seats down. Probably about equal load capacity if the Frunk is used on MME.
  • Many reports of Ford Dealers tacking on markups on MME, VW dealers apparently don't do this as often.
  • In most cases, neither is carried in stock and must be ordered. Delivery times may be substantial.
MME of course carries the Mustang image which many find appealing. It is not without controversy as the Mustang has traditionally been a 2 door sports coupe design and traditionalists consider the 4 door to be a tarnish on the image. To this, I would only point to the mid-70's Mustangs which were an abomination. That said, MME is far more of a sporty style than ID.4 which is more of a conventional SUV design.

We have owners of both in the CSEVC, I think we could probably enlist these members to engage with the prospect. If you don't have any luck making the connections through other methods, let me know and I will see if we can connect with our club members.
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Thanks! I don't know of any VW ID.4 owners yet, so that would be great! Our group has multiple Mach-E owners so I think we're good on that side. :)
Thanks! I don't know of any VW ID.4 owners yet, so that would be great! Our group has multiple Mach-E owners so I think we're good on that side. :)
I forwarded this to Rex Haugan who owns an ID.4 that replaced an early Model S in his garage. He was head over heels when he got the car this spring, and very sour on Tesla for yanking him around with some repairs on his older MS. I invited him to contact you if he is willing to speak to the prospective owner.
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