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CSEVC member Curtis Claar, founder of EV Trail, recently opened a public charging site at George’s Diner in Walsenburg, CO. The site is listed on Plugshare and has a DCFC unit with CHAdeMO and CCS plugs (60kW shared) and two J1772 plugs (11.5kW).

On Earth Day 2021, EVTrail inaugurated the DCFC unit, and on 11/1, installation of the two J1772 ports was completed.

On 11/13, several CSEVC members participated in a stress test of the site, with all four DCFC and J1772 ports in use simultaneously. The goal was to test whether we would overload the grid connection. Happily, the overload failed and all EVs were able to get a charge while we took in a meal at George’s.

Photos from the EVOverload21 trip to Walsenburg, CO:

More information and photos can be found on EVOverload21 – How many EVs does it take to overload the available power.
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