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Drive Electric Earth Day 4/30/22 in Colorado Springs

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Once again, the CO Springs EV Club (CSEVC) is hosting an event at Bass Pro Shop in CS this coming Saturday.

We have over 30 EV already planning to attend, and room for many more. Its not too late to sign up and join the fun:

Drive Electric Earth Day • Colorado Springs EV Fair • Colorado Springs, CO • Apr 30, 2022
Drive Electric Earth Day events feature plug-in electric vehicle owners sharing their experience with others interested in driving electric. #DEED2022

This will also be the site for the CSEVC "Last Saturday" car shows in which members of the CSEVC Tribe-Lakes Cruisers and other classic and muscle car owners gather every month. The EV interest among the gear heads is building, and this year, with high fuel prices, might just be the year that many gear heads take the leap into EVs!

The Last Saturday shows will begin in May and run through September, on (you guessed it) the last Saturday of each month from 8am - Noon.
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The event was a success! We had about 35 EVs on display and a good 40-50 ICE gear heads showed up and lined up next to the EVs.

Photos of the event here: Drive Electric Earth Day CO Springs 2022
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