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COS National Drive Electric Week Event September 25, 2021

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About 20-25 EVs, and equal or greater number of classic and exotic ICE showed up for the regular Last Saturday\NDEW event in COS. The CSEVC has been doing Last Saturday events monthly throughout the summer at Bass Pro Shops, and we are slowly getting the interest of the ICE owners who now come by and ask questions, and are grateful for the chance to get out and meet with other car enthusiasts. It is kind of an effort to bridge the gap between ICE and EV, and attracts people from the public due to the variety of cars on display.

It seems a bit like the classic boil a frog thing, at first, the ICE owners were pretty uninterested, but each month, a few wander over and ask questions. Many are now saying an EV might make sense for a future purchase. Slow, but the seeds are being planted and the harvest will eventually come!

KRDO (CH 13) highlighted the event on the Thursday before: NDEW2021.mp4

A few pictures of the event:

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