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I'm assuming other EV's can use the Rivian chargers?
Yes, and No.

Rivian plans to roll out two networks, DCFC (CCS) and L2 (J1772).

The DCFC network will apparently be for Rivian owners use only. The L2 network will apparently be open to all EVs.

Personally, the DCFC network exclusivity seems a bit backwards to me. First, Rivian owners will need to use the public DCFC network until Rivian activates their own chargers. But, once enabled, the number of Rivian EVs on the road will take several years to grow enough for demand at their DCFC sites to be adequate to produce profits. It seems like starting out with an open DCFC network and selling to all EVs would accelerate the profitability of the network without causing much (if any) hardship for Rivian owners. They could even implement a reservation scheme to ensure Rivian owners would get priority access. By the time the network has enough Rivian owners to operate profitably, they could then go exclusive. By then, the rest of the public DCFC infrastructure would be so much further along that losing access to Rivan's DCFC units wouldn't cause any hardship.
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