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Coaching Question - Tesla & Rebates/Incentives

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"We are getting ready to purchase a Tesla Model 3 and we want to assure we are optimizing incentives related to the purchase of the car and charger installation (Xcel rebates and programs). We also want to confirm we're choosing the best charging option for our situation."

Comment your response! Thanks!
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Tesla no longer qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit ($7500), but the CO State credit still applies ($2500 - see

Federal Tax Credits are still available (up to $1000) for installation of Home Charging equipment.

Xcel Energy has several programs, some for Income Qualified (low income). More here: Home

Be sure to look at the charging incentives for all customers, including EV Accelerate At Home where there is no upfront cost and you pay a monthly fee for the charger and maintenance, or Optimize Your Charge where you can commit to an off-peak charging schedule and receive rewards. More information here: Home
Thanks Rob! CC'ed you on that email. One thing to clarify about the EV Accelerate at Home program is that Xcel will install and maintain the charger, but the homeowner still has to pay for any additional wiring costs needed in order to install the charger. The Home Wiring Rebate ($500 or $1300 for income qualified) can be applied here!
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