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1 charger in Denver!?

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Brand new member so hope this doesn’t break any post rules.
Okay a bit of a clickbate title, but when I look for charging stations on PlugShare I’m presented with literally 1 result in all of Denver metro. I don’t have any filters applied so this should be a full listing of chargers:

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Anyone know how to see charging location regardless of the provider e.g. ChargePoint and EVgo?
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You must have filters enabled, here is what I see:
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Well that’s a relief. So odd. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, opened the filters up as wide as I can, still no results. I’ll chalk it up to user error somewhere along the line. Thanks for the response!
I assume from your avatar, you have a Tesla? The app will automatically filter for compatible plugs. In the screenshot below, my Bolt defaults to CCS and J1772. If I press Show Incompatible Plugs, I can toggle Tesla (destination) as I have an adapter.

Since Tesla only recently began offering CCS adapters, likely CCS is off by default, maybe J1772 too? So enable CCS and J1772 and maybe that solves it for you?

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